Dads…..trying to be perfect….

Hawk Nelson – Everything You Ever Wanted (Live)
A song inspired by the affects of divorce …..

Jim Richardson


A few things we’ve gained in Christ

Experience in the life of a missionary in Scotland:
1 Peter:
• New life: we are born again (1:3)
• Hope that is alive and unchanging (1:3)
• An inheritance in Heaven that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading (1:5)
• We are guarded by God’s power (1:6)
• Genuine faith that is more precious than gold because gold perishes, but our faith will never perish (1:7)
• Inexpressible, glorious joy (1:8)
• Salvation (1:9, 3:7)
• Grace through the revelation of Jesus Christ (1:13)
• Restoration, Confirmation, Strength, and Stability in the midst of suffering (5:10)

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Posted with permission of Anna Murch on October 12: 2006

Please pray for Anna who is serving our Lord in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Jim Richardson

A reluctant yet rare descent into Washington politics!

One of our nation’s most popular radio talk show hosts has offered the following bi-partison solution to solve the current U.S. recession:

President Obama has proposed spending one trillion dollars to stimulate the U.S. economy. Here’s an alternative proposal on how to spend/invest it: Based on the previous election’s voting averages of 54% Obama to 46% McCain, 540 billion will be spent on infrastructure spending initiatives per Democratic proposals and 460 billion will go to capital gains tax cuts and corporate tax rate cuts per Republican proposals. News of this alone would stimulate the financial markets as they did in the 90’s when President Clinton announced that he and legislators had reached an agreement in principle to balance the budget. The market reacted positively to this announcement as it historically does to events from Washington. This satisfies the claims of desired bi-partisonship avowed by the current administration. This will also determine what best stimulates the current economy. Who knows, perhaps both proposals will work! After all, the economy should not be Democratic vs. Republican and this could unify the country (as during 9/11 days) if we simply set aside the politics.

Wanna know who proposed this? What do you think about it?

Jim Richardson

Where are your sins?

The mistakes I’ve made they are all forgotten….they are behind me….they are on the bottom of the ocean floor. My sins are erased….they are no more….take them away Lord Jesus!

Take a moment to listen to this song by Audio Adrenaline….

The Global Missions Project!

This site looks brand new but I love the idea. (They stole it from me- just kidding). Actually, I tried something simliar here: However, I could not commit the time needed to maintain it.
Check them out at:

Since you’ve popped in, why don’t you share a little about yourself and what brought you to my blog. I’d be eternally blessed!

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Inauguration- Live…

Pastor Rick Warren invoked the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ moments ago during the inaugural invocative prayer:
Link at: (Server may soon be overloaded)
Entirely appropriate regardless of religious affiliation when one considers the bedrock of our founding American Christian heritage! (The freedom to disagree over this also remains a foundational right within our American constitutional heritage.)

Lord bless and may Barack serve us well!

Jim Richardson

January 20, 2009 2:46 PM

Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., who is battling a brain tumor, was taken away from the congressional luncheon in convulsions.

Kennedy was at a table with Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., Vice President Mondale and Mrs. Mondale, and others. While at the table, Kennedy began having seizures that lasted for several minutes. As they were carrying Kennedy out of the room, he was still seizing. President Barack Obama went out of the room with him, but he is back in the luncheon room now.

Sometimes He calms the storm!


Tell me if you like this song by Christian artist Scott Krippayne:

Sometimes He Calms The Storm – Scott Krippayne

And this one….

Hope Has A Way (LP Version) – Scott Krippayne
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