Ownership of our choices

I stayed home from work today feeling quite tired and in need of rest. I was compelled to venture outdoors on this beautiful afternoon and walked the perimeter of our property. I communed with God about a great many things. All much too private for this very public venue of Facebook.

This much I can share. I am thankful that God, the Creator of all things, wants to have communion with me, a sinner. As I walked, I was reminded that God created all things good. Because of His desire for a relationship with His children, He created us. In His wisdom, He knows that true love is meaningless without choice. So He gave us the freedom to choose Him along with the freedom to reject Him.

Choosing Him brings blessing beyond understanding and the assurance of eternity with Him. This should not imply life will be perfect. We still live in a world of evil, disease and ruination. We are affected and influenced by that. Rejecting Him assures us a life without the blessings which only He gives. Many enjoy a good life with all of their needs met and have no need of God nor do they choose to acknowledge Him. If one was to life a life void of comfort and contentment but had a relationship with the Creator, that person would still ultimately have everything.

Every man and woman must choose for themselves who they will serve. What they will serve. Once the choice is made, a shift in responsibility occurs. We receive ownership of the consequences of our choices. We have only ourselves to blame. Since we are merely a part of creation, our choices are made from the perspective of the temporal based on observation and experience. When God speaks, He is the only one who is outside the constraints of time. This is huge because it means He is able to see things which have not yet come to pass. He is aware of future events as though they have already happened. He knows what we need before we ask. Most of us never do.

The nature of God is as unexplainable as the act of creation itself. He exists as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He is self existent. He has alway been about relationship. Out of all creation, we alone were created to have relationship with Him. Our finite minds are unable to comprehend this. It stands to reason that faith, belief and trust must fill the vacuum of limited revelation. God has not revealed all secrets of the universe but He has revealed how to have relationship through His Son. I believe that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. When I came to trust what The Lord has written and what He spoke into my heart, that was enough for me. He has honored His Word every day since.

Though day by day my body wastes away, my soul remains firmly at rest in His hands. The Creator is where it’s all at!


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