Welcome home!!! (Shaun Groves)

This song is awesome! If you have a pulse, it WILL force you to think about your spiritual walk. OK, I know I’ve been posting a lot of videos lately, but then again this blog has always been a little “fluild” in regards to it’s content. Read along with the lyrics as you watch:

Take, me, make me
All You want me to be
That’s all I’m asking, all I’m asking

Welcome to this heart of mine
I’ve buried under prideful vines
Grown to hide the mess I’ve made
Inside of me
Come decorate, Lord
Open up the creaking door
And walk upon the dusty floor
Scrape away the guilty stains
Until no sin or shame remain
Spread Your love upon the walls
And occupy the empty halls
Until the man I am has faded
No more doors are barricaded

Come inside this heart of mine
It’s not my own
Make it home
Come and take this heart and make it
All Your own
Welcome home

Take a seat, pull up a chair
Forgive me for the disrepair
And the souvenirs from floor to ceiling
Gathered on my search for meaning
Every closet’s filled with clutter
Messes yet to be discovered
I’m overwhelmed, I understand
I can’t make this place all that You can

repeat chorus

I took the space that You placed in me
Redecorated in shades of greed
And I made sure every door stayed locked
Every window blocked, and still You knocked

(Lyrics by Shaun Groves)

Lord bless,
Jim Richardson


2 Responses

  1. Good morning,
    Thank you so much for posting Shaun Groves. I hear this song on the Adventist Radio Station in Keene all of the time but never caught who sang this song. Now that I know who the Artist is I can buy the CD. This song would roll around in my head all day long I love it, makes you stop and think!


  2. P.S. Brandon Heath’s “I’m Not Who I Was” is my favorite, I purchased the CD shortly after it was released.

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