Two simple questions?

1) Why do you think that some non-believers are more polite and considerate than a whole lot of believers are?

2) Does this necessarily mean that these non-believers would be more open to receiving the Gospel?

Jim Richardson


2 Responses

  1. 1. Yes I believe this to be true. Probably because being polite and considerate has nothing to do with religious affiliations and has more to do with family values and upbringing.

    2. Well, I assume it would mean that they would be polite and considerate in a sense that they would at least feign interest in receiving the Gospel – at least for a short time.

  2. You go and take care of your life and look while you are in life. Life is all there is. No need to take yourself out from it. There is nowhere to run from truth. truth is all it is. SO let continue while you cleaning your house and do whatever you need to do. BUT see if for all that you is required – you – structure Em.. I said it’s not hard, when you see it you will not stop laughing, seriously. All – feelings, sensations, thoughts are real, yes. Body, movements, everything, everything real, except batman, that watermelon I gave you and “I”. What you need to do to get rid of it? Stop believing in it. It’s just a belief. A thought. Break up this fucking “I” and see its just a though. Or prove me wrong.

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