A few things we’ve gained in Christ

Experience in the life of a missionary in Scotland:
1 Peter:
• New life: we are born again (1:3)
• Hope that is alive and unchanging (1:3)
• An inheritance in Heaven that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading (1:5)
• We are guarded by God’s power (1:6)
• Genuine faith that is more precious than gold because gold perishes, but our faith will never perish (1:7)
• Inexpressible, glorious joy (1:8)
• Salvation (1:9, 3:7)
• Grace through the revelation of Jesus Christ (1:13)
• Restoration, Confirmation, Strength, and Stability in the midst of suffering (5:10)

Complete list continues at: http://missionaries.in/united_kingdom/annamurch/journal/2006/10/12/this_is_what_weve_gained_in_christ
Posted with permission of Anna Murch on October 12: 2006

Please pray for Anna who is serving our Lord in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Jim Richardson


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