The Christian’s strength…

(Written in the 1600’s)
Is it the Christian’s strength in the
Lord, not in himself? Surely then the Christless
person must needs be a poor impotent creature, void
of all strength and ability of doing anything of itself
towards its own salvation. If the ship launched,
rigged, and with her sails spread cannot stir, till the
wind come fair and fill them, much less the timber
that lies in the carpenter’s yard hew and frame itself
into a ship. If the living tree cannot grow except the
root communicate its sap, much less can a dead rotten
stake in the hedge, which hath no root, live of its
own accord. In a word, if a Christian, that hath his
spiritual life of grace, cannot exercise this life without
strength from above, then surely one void of this new
life, dead in sins and trespasses, can never be able to
beget this in himself, or concur to the production of
it. The state of unregeneracy is a state of impotency.

William Gurnall M.A.
The Christian in Complete Armour
Branch Third


Jim Richardson


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