Free to be me! – Francesca Battistelli

My daughter went to a concert of hers this weekend. Francesca is an extremely humble, gifted Christian. Battistelli stated that when she first began writing music, “I really longed to bring something authentic to the [Christian music] scene that even non-Christians could listen to”. Check out one of her latest tunes….just her, solo:

Jim Richardson


2 Responses

  1. Hello Jim,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m very happy to hear how my father influenced your life.

    Francesca is a very talented singer. I would like to post this YouTube on my blog if she’s okay with that.

    Many blessing on you and your family,


  2. Jill,

    Thanks you so much, Jill. We are both blessed indeed….Walter and his ministry was truly one of a kind!

    You can easily provide a link to Francesca’s video by using the embed code provided at her Youtube video. There’s no doubt that her ministry would count it as a blessing.

    Be blessed!

    Jim Richardson

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