Atheists trash Christmas…..again!

Bill O’Reilly’s discusses atheists’ continual and never-ending trashing of Christmas in 2008. In this present day culture war in these United States if we personally stand by and do nothing to defend the traditions of our Judeo/ Christian heritage, they will be whittled down to the bone thus rendered meaningless?

Jim Richardson


3 Responses

  1. Christmas is a made up holiday stolen from the Pagens and rebranded as Christian. So I think the more accurate question is why Christians are trying to destroy Yule. Why do Christians feel the need to destroy any thing that disagrees with them. Oh and the crazy Muslims too of course; they are like Christians on crack.

    Please applogize to all Pagens for your cultural and religious persecution.

  2. Mitur,

    I’ll cogitate on your thoughts and respond back to you after Christmas!

    God bless you, Mitur!

    Jim Richardson

    P.S.: I’ll probably be asking about your “Crazy Muslums” comment as it doesn’t seem to be consistent with your concern over Pagan cultural and religious persecution.

    P.S.S.: Believe it or not, I support your right to observe Yule if that’s what you choose to do.

  3. […] by thywordistruth A responses to “Atheists trash Christmas…..again!” by Mitur Binesderti ( caused me to reflect on why so much antagonism over […]

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