Dialoguing with a Jehovah’s Witness

This video from the late Dr. Walter Martin explains how to dialogue with the Jehovah’s Witness with gentleness and respect whilst planting the seed of truth. There are 8 enjoyable parts total. No, this is not becoming a Walter Martin site, I simply like very much how he communicates and believe that you also will benefit from watching.
Jim Richardson

8 Responses

  1. Walter Martin was a sick bigot. I hope he died an agonizing death.

  2. Hello Aaron,

    Thanks for the reply. It would be extremely helpful if you could fill in the vagueness of your comment by perhaps decribing how he was a bigot (including your defenition of one). Also, why would you wish anyone an agonizing death based on what they beileve and defended? Is this not bigotry?

    I want to understand your comments, please help me to!

    God loves you,


  3. I am not a Jehovah’s Witness nor do I have any use for their doctrine. I am, however, related to several. “Dr.” Martin, who was in fact, no Doctor, engaged along with the likes of John Ankerberg in a kind of Theological Pornography. Created for a gullible audience of fundamentalist, and evangelical zealots who enjoy seeing those with different beliefs ripped to bloody shreds and raped for their beliefs, Martin and Ankerberg engage in lies, out of context quotation, outright distortion of quotations, bombast, and talking down, to “destroy”, “opponents” in open debate. Prominent evangelical apologists have termed their approach “un-Christian”.

    He engaged with a special rage against Mormonism, but also Freemasonry. I am a Mason and can refute and demolish any argument this fraud ever made. Using out of context quotes, fabrications, mangled quotations, and ignoring the most important imperatives in a 400 + page personal reflection on a series of Masonic Degrees, and expecting a Mason to respond on the spur of the moment to any of his twisted fabrications in public is a sham tactic.

    He used these tactics against Witnesses, Mormons, Catholics, Masons, and numerous other groups.

    On top of it all he is a well documented fraud. This being simply one source for the accusations, as there are hundreds:


    No person who attacks other human beings as engaging in Demonic, Evil, or Satanic acts on flimsy or fabricated charges is a Christian as far as I am concerned.

    If I came right out and told you that I worshiped Satan, what would you think of me morally as a person? Most would be apt to demonize me. This is what Martin tried to do to millions of people.

    Demonizing a human being is simply one step away from destroying his or her humanity and lead to bigotry and violence against people. Martin actively engaged in this over his entire career.

    As the Bible says: “Pure religion is and undefiled by God the Father is this: to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and keep himself unspotted from the world.”

    James 1:27

    Martin hatefully and falsely attacks good, moral, decent, God fearing people. But when I suggest that he should rot for the pain, anguish, heartache, and misery he has brought to good people it is time to attack me?

    No Christian wishes pain or misfortune on another person regardless of faith. But when Martin engages in lies to hurt and harm this is o.k.? But when I attack back it is un-Christian?

  4. Aaron,

    I respect your faith as a Mason. Would you be willing to tell me what you believe in regards to Jesus Christ- who was He specifically? Also, may I ask this frank question: If any of your Masonic leaders or Masonic literature teach anything contrary to what the Old and New Testaments have already stated- which takes priority?

    Aaron, Dr. Martin was extremely zealous for the faith just like the Apostle Paul. Certainly you would make the same claim of Paul as you did Martin(That he’s an evangelical zealot). Martin’s zealousness was most evident in the defense of the faith with those who themselves rip(ped) historic Christianity to shreds doctrinally and otherwise. He was defending his faith against those who attacked Christianity. He didn’t go around picking fights. I would suggest that you watch an example of his public debating specifically with Wiccans on Phil Donahue recorded years ago and show me where this “rage” is: (https://thywordistruth.wordpress.com/2008/12/05/dr-walter-martin-on-phil-donahue-show-debates-wiccans/)

    The books that Dr. Martin has published are exhaustively footnoted and researched. I know, because I own several and have checked these references. But more than that Aaron, and this is a vital point, Dr. Martin always demonstrated and tested his line of reasoning from Scripture. (This is demonstrated both on audio and video tape which you can see for free at his website.) I myself ALWAYS do the same no matter who the teacher or how long I’ve known them as so should you as commanded in Scripture. I’ve long since trusted Dr. Martin’s exegesis of Scripture therefore I’m curious and would love for you to show me some of the passages which you and Dr. Martin seem to disagree on.

    Araon, may I ask you for your definition of a “fundamentalist”? Do you consider the four Gospels and the writings of Paul, John and so on, to also be fundamentalist in nature? Why or why not?

    Aaron you quoted this: As the Bible says: “Pure religion is and undefiled by God the Father is this: to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and keep himself unspotted from the world.” James 1:27 But nearly in the same breath you said this:
    “Walter Martin was a sick bigot. I hope he died an agonizing death.” Since the Lord’s greatest command is to “Love God and your neighbor as yourself”, do you think perhaps you’re being a little inconsistent and dishonest with your intentions? I.E.- Simply quoting Scripture will not change your heart Aaron, you also have let it penetrate your heart.

    You said that “Martin hatefully and falsely attacks good, moral, decent, God fearing people.” Please show me the quotes and show me where Dr. Martin or John Ankerberg has ever said what you accused them of to a cultist with whom they were dialoguing with!

    You also said “But when I suggest that he should rot for the pain, anguish, heartache, and misery he has brought to good people it is time to attack me?” No, Aaron, it’s not and I have not attacked you in any way. I simply asked you why you would wish anyone an agonizing death based on what they believe and defended. Read it for yourself.

    Aaron, Dr. Martin did in fact hold a doctorate: http://www.waltermartin.com/degree.html
    Of course, whether or not Martin had a doctorate or not is really avoiding the real question we need to be asking. Does what Aaron, Jim(Me) and Walter Martin believe correspond with what the Bible says?

    I’m not a “meanie” like Dr. Martin but have an abundance of patience and love through Jesus Christ therefore I would love to dialogue with you further if you would like.

    Your friend,

    Jim Richardson

  5. […] I thought it best to actuallyto locate and post links to debate between Dr. Walter Martin and representative of the Masonic Lodge on the Compatability of Masons Teachings with the Bible. This is in response to the following comment by Aaron: https://thywordistruth.wordpress.com/2008/12/04/dialoguing-with-a-jehovahs-witness/#comment-1103 […]

  6. In my immediate irritation I overreacted in my statements about Martin. No one should wish death on anyone, but his tactics drive me to a furry. Also should no one attack other faiths the way Martin does. This is not evangelism and does not win converts, it make enemies.

    As to my views on Jesus Christ. He is my Savior. I believe that he was sent by the Father to minister to this world, died on the cross, and washed the sins of the world. I believe that he will come again, although I don’t know when and I suspect that he will be righteously unhappy with the attacks on people of other faiths carried out in His name.

    An example:

    In case anyone cares, his prayer was quite beautiful and made no mention of any specific god or gods.

  7. I see my link did not work. 2nd try:

  8. Aaron,

    Thanks for your response! Since I never delete or alter any of the responses to this blog, please go ahead and ignore a few of the questions I just asked you here: https://thywordistruth.wordpress.com/2008/12/19/the-compatability-of-masons-teachings-with-the-bible/#comment-1115

    Sorry about that, I should have read ALL of my mail. 🙂

    Aaron, you mention the tactics of Martin but make no mention of the often blasphemous statements/beliefs presented by the opposing cultist as though Martin is the bad guy. You may not like how Martin “tests all things” but you have to respect him for doing what the Bible commands him to do…….don’t you think?

    The Youtube example was a good one. Since we have freedom of religion and speech in this country I would have to bite my lip and defend this person’s right to protest (Ouch!). Admittedly thoughts of the Christian origins and heritage of this country make this very difficult.



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