Purpose Killers!


Purpose Killers by Dr. Rhonda J. Ferguson is a must read!


As a believer in Jesus Christ you should know that God has blessed you with a purpose to serve Him! For many reasons you may be having difficulty understanding or activating this purpose.  What do you do next?  Why is it so difficult to move forward? The enemy places various hindrances in our path to discovering God’s plan for our lives. Although many of these are subtle and appear harmless, their impact can be lethal.


Purpose Killers exposes these Hindrances while giving you spiritual tools and insight to overcome them. You will then be empowered to move forward in God’s purpose for you.


Please visit this link to peruse more information and ordering information:


While your there, check out Rhonda’s ongoing Bible study on the beatitudes!


Along with her late husband Tony, Rhonda’s latest book is entitled “ONENESS IN THE SPIRIT”. This work helps to re-instate the fire, passion, friendship and love into the hearts of men and women who desire for their relationship to go to the next level. It enables every couple to create an atmosphere of oneness, which will strengthen them to stand TOGETHER against anyone or anything that seeks to destroy their union. 


Rhonda has a passion for Christ that will leap from the pages. I have known her for years and am blessed to call her a friend and sister in Christ. As a musician myself, I have been privileged to worship in song with both her and Tony several times. Suffice to say, writing is only one of Rhonda’s many spiritual gifts as she is also an accomplished singer/ pianist, both of which she will never, ever boast about.  

Serve others and you will be serving Christ!


Jim Richardson


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