The Thompson Chain Reference Bible: A shameless endorsement!


I recently bought one for this reason:

A Thompson is the only true “Influence-Free” Study Bible. This is the one very important difference between a Thompson and most other study Bibles. Most study Bibles fill their margins with another person’s commentary. These are notes from a knowledgeable author who tries to explain the text to you.

Commentaries can be useful, but every author has his or her own view and biased agenda. Commentaries offer wide and often opposing influence. Your Thompson Bible is “influence-free,” because instead of commentary, our margins are filled with thousands of chain-references that propel you ahead into Scripture. Scholars agree that the Bible is its own best commentary, and no other study Bible helps you go deeper into the Scriptures than a Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible.

I would highly recommend at least perusing this Bible offered at the following website:


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  1. I like what you have to say here, you may have an ally in my blog. Please come and check out my mission, I think you will be in agreement.

  2. Any comments on the article below, Jim?
    The Bible – King James 1611
    New Testament
    By The Holy Spirit’s Disciple, Raymond Laginess

    There is a serious problem in the world that has caused much conflict in Christian fellowships, that being which Bible is a good or proper Bible, and are all Bibles the true Word of God? Can you find Christ and salvation in all the Bibles and translations? ….and can you grow in all of them?

    Another trick of Satan is to write many books like the Bible and make little changes here and there to alter the Word or its meaning. He even adds to and takes away from the truth. If he can destroy the Word of God, then he can destroy the plan of salvation by the Word. Satan knows how salvation comes for all, by the faith of hearing the Word. If he can stop the Word, he can stop the light of the truth. It can’t be the Word of God if it has been changed, altered or added to, or any part left out. If man has his hand in it, and rewrites it, it is not the Word of God. God does not need the help of any man in His plan of salvation. God wrote the Bible in the language it was needed, when it was needed. He can also preserve it until today. It is working, and there is only one – The KING JAMES VERSION – NEW TESTAMENT.

    We must see the wisdom of God to keep only one Bible and His Word. We must stand up and be counted for God’s true Word. We must follow its derivation from Sahidic, Hebrew and Greek, from Byzantine to Greek to Textus Receptus, to the King James 1611 translation of the originals. If God inspired the Apostles (and He did) to write the book we have, then He also preserved the Word until today. He inspired, through the Holy Spirit, each book written by each writer He picked, in the language of the time it was needed. With each period of time and language change, He picked the people, and again, by the Holy Spirit, He put it in the proper language for all mankind.

    There is only one true Word of God. Today, the English translation of God’s Word is the King James Bible. It’s called the King James Bible because the King, a Christian, was moved to appoint scholars of Greek and Hebrew to translate the Bible into English so that all could read and understand it. They took Greek and Hebrew and translated it into English by the meaning of the words. They did not change it or add to it or take away from it. They did not follow a denominational meaning, nor a man’s meaning. The Holy Spirit guided them. The King James Version has been around for almost four hundred years. It came out of the Dark Ages and the Reformation. Many saints were saved by it. Many good teachers used it. Greek and Hebrew scholars use it today as a copy of the originals. You have to take a faith step, as in all things, on the record of the King James Version and stand by it. The new Bible translations coming out today are not of God. The devil is slowly changing it so that soon you will not be able to recognize it at all. There are many copies (different interpretations; versions, translations, revisions) out there in the world even now. The one thing you must remember is that if God inspired one Bible for His Word, all others are not of God but of man. We know man has changed the Word. He has added to it, taken from it, and changed it to fit his belief. If this change takes place, then the product left is not inspired. If it is of man and not God, thus uninspired, it can save no one. It teaches another christ, another gospel, and is accursed. Man cannot improve on God’s Word. Man cannot improve on it in any form. The Greek and Hebrew language is still the same today as it was in the old days. There is no better meaning. These men deny that God left us a true copy for today. Only the Holy Spirit can teach God’s true Word.

    You cannot be fed or grow by the Bible of man or denominational religion’s version. There are many good books out that teach the history of the Bible and its travel to us today. Use your faith and check it out. Study and show yourself approved. Do not take any man’s word for it, not even mine. You will see why early Christians used the King James Bible. You will see how many lives were changed by it. Only God’s Book can do that, not man’s. Why would you want more than one Bible, or to use another book that is close to the originals? Watch out for Satan and man. God’s Word is being changed and many are being deceived.

    There are many false christs and anti-christs, as we are warned. Many religions talk of God, of Christ, of faith and works, of the Law, worship, etc.; but only one Bible talks for the real Christ Jesus and what He did for us. You add nothing but faith. You believe in Him. You keep His Word as He wrote it. You live it in love and faith until He calls you home. Take Him as your personal Savior now. Only He can help you.

    A point I would like to make here is only God could and did write the greatest Book ever, The New Testament Bible. All books ever written can never do justice or compare to it. It is my opinion that everyone should stay in King James 1611 New Testament Bible and forget all other books. No man can really write about the New Testament Bible. It has all been done and easy to read when you have help by the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord!

  3. What do I think about this? Well, this is simply another KJV-only argument. While I would agree that there are some translations (such as the NWT) whose doctrinal errors are agenda driven and must be rejected, I personally have spiritually benefitted from and believe the Lord speaks through the KJV, NKJV, NIV, NASB as well as other similar versions of the Holy Bible. Even so, if I ever have any doubts about these I can always run to my Greek interlinear Bible for a word for word translation.

    To say that one cannot come to a saving grave of our Lord Jesus Christ by availing themselves of these other translation versions is simply non-evidential in addition to spiritually irresponsible. Yet millions have come to Christ however which demonstrates that the work of the Holy Spirit who should never be underestimated even through so-called inferior translations. In my opinion this evidence and the testimony of a great crowd of witnesses who proceeded us leaves the KJV-only proponents without an argument. Admittedly they are good intentioned, for we all desire to crave spiritual truths of the Word in its purest, original form, yet I believe they are also divisive. While pursuing their seemingly noble pursuits, they leave the door open to potentially dislodge the faith of many for a cause, thus achieving counter evangelistic ends. We must remember that God inspired the Apostles to write the NT, King James did not, therefore it also is a translation amongst it’s other piers.

    I’ve not heard of any “serious” conflict problems in Christian fellowships concerning translations as this author has. It begs the question as to how much time this individual spends on actual evangelism of non-believers who, by the way, could care less about which version of the Bible we are using.

    Now if you want to talk about “The Message” by Peterson then you may have an argument. Of course, then we have left the realm of Biblical translations anyway.

    Thanks for posting and Lord bless,

    Jim Richardson

  4. Fair comments indeed, Jim.

    For 2 decades i was the typical church goer who carry the book(worn-out outside, but untouched inside) but never really read it(maybe selected verses & J3.16). It was very hard to read.

    One day i felt so ashamed when i read a book (smith wiggleworth)that we feed our body with three hot meals a day, but on the Word, only feed our spiritual body 1 cold snack a week. No wonder i depended on pp’s bread crumbs.

    mat4:4 But HE answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

  5. Bro Jim Richardson,
    I am in total agrrement of what you have said in your post!
    As a Bible wholesaler I come under attack (sometimes extremely ungody and unloving) for selling Bibles that are not strictly King James Version, KJV.

    I love the KJV and it is my very favorite translation, however my teenager will not touch it. I have found the NLT – New Living Translation to be VERY accurate and she loves it. She will actually read it and understand it. Remebering back when I was a kid, I had absolutely NO real understanding of the KJV and would have been glad to get something I could easily read and understand. So dust on the Bible or a read Bible? I prefer read in my house!

    Most translations including the NKJV while reading; I constantly say to myself, “that’s not what the Bible says”.
    I then go to my KJV so often I say, “forget it!” and stick to to the KJV.

    However with the NLT on the rare occasion that the thought comes to mind because of different wording, I have looked it up in my Strongs and it has been word for word a literal translation. Very accurate. I am not writing this to endorse the NLT but said all that to say this…

    There are some really BAD translations out there, HOWEVER there are some really GOOD translations out there. There are great Christian based publishers and owners of publishing companies that are not just in it for the money but to spread the Gospel.

    The only publishing company whom I WILL NOT distribute for is Zondervan, the makers of the NIV.
    Years back Harper Collins, men and companies not interested in spreading the Gospel bought out Zondervon. They also sell the satanic bible, adult smut etc right along with the so called NIV Bible. I dont think the translation is accurate, leaving out much about the diety, blood etc of our Lord Jesus Christ. So I just do not sell it.
    Do I think God is in a box and does not use that Bible to save souls and change lives just because the owners are sinful ? NO absolutely not.
    If that was the case then we would all have to do the same with our beloved King James Version, as King James was a very very wicked man. He did not get the KJV printed to spread the Gospel, oh no, that was not his intentions at all. Yet God uses the King James to save how many souls? Like the sand of the seas.
    Also ALL serious KJV Only persons do not include the apocrypha, yet in the original 1611 it was there. Therefore, if that version is all they make it out to be then why have they CHANGED it…taken away from the original? Because that part was not inspired of the Holy Ghost of course. Nevertheless it is a changed version they read today, even the spelling is different. Testament back then was spelled Teftament
    Jesus was spelled differently etc
    SO the KJV only argument is no argument at all, because the authorized KJV IS NOT the same as the 1611 authorized by King James.

    It is ALWAYS good to study, read, and compare different versions!

    Every Blessing,
    Co Owner (Owner is GOD)

  6. PS
    a simple google search on Zindervan and Harper Collins woll give anyone interesting in knowing plenty of info

    and PLEASE check out who KING JAMES was… he WAS NOT a Christian.
    He was gay for starters. A simple search on wikepedia can tell you that much.

    Zondervan Harper collins satanic bible

    King James a Christian? NOT He lived a VERY sinful, ungodly life

  7. Annissa,

    Thanks for the comments, they are much appreciated. I have always striven to not be devisive over what I would call, non-essential doctrinal issues. The message of the cross can be found in all of the translations you mentioned (with the exception of heretical versions such as the J.W. NWT) and this is easily demonstrated by simply opening their pages. It is my opinion that to be devisive and judgmental about which version of the Bible one reads only helps to assist the futile pursuits of Satan who will do anything to subvert the truth of the Gospel!

    Remember, you will ultimately be blessed in your “sufferings” for the cross of Christ! Stay on the narrow path!

    May the Lord bless you in your ministry!

    Jim Richardson

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