Cacophony of prayer!

Recently while on vacation in the great Smokey Mountains, we spent our Sunday morning at a very small Baptist church near the cabin in which we were staying. It was an old church building dating back many years which was built right next to a picturesque creek. The congregation was informal yet warm and inviting. The floors creaked, the seating was uncomfortable and there was no air conditioning aside from several open windows. Yet this all quickly became trivial in comparison to the worship service that we enjoyed.  

The service began with selected vocal performances from members of the congregation young and old. They possessed no fancy orchestra and employed no microphones…..nor did they need them. They were more than capable of making a joyful noise unto the Lord without them. Two of the older male singers did a duet of an old hymn with a singing style straight out of the movie “O Brother, where art thou”! If you’ve seen the movie you’ll understand what I’m talking about.  

What became most memorable for me was the audible cacophony of prayer that preceded the message. Every member of the church began praying out loud simultaneously. It was rather unsettling at first as I am used to our Pastor praying for the entire congregation. Rather quickly I then realized that this was in fact, harmonious music to the Lord’s ear. When I really thought about it I began to stand in awe of our holy God’s ability to not only hear this congregations numerous prayer requests but also at any given moment, the prayers of millions of Christians around the world. To my finite intellect it was a cacophony of confusion. To the Lord, it was fellowship with staggering, mind-blowing intensity.  

Yet He still hears every individual sincere prayer offered in His name with clarity and totality.  

Isn’t He amazing! 

I would be blessed if you shared your thoughts! 

Jim Richardson


3 Responses

  1. Hi Jim, it’s wonderful to read so many posts on wordpress alone about christianity and how God works in the lives of people. So in your life! I’ll add you to my blogroll (if that’s ok with you), i might read things from you back

    Be blessed, stay close

    Judy Kwant

  2. I thought you would be able to click on my icon or so, and then be redirected to my site.. how ever : it’s


  3. Interesting experience. And I agree with your conclusions, Thanks for expressing yourself. Wondering now about prayer time in our own services. Do we need to grow? Yes!

    God bless

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