The Great God Debate: The End Of The Beginning

Posted at focuses on “a debate with the new wave of atheists and their books …Hitchens’ book is at the top or near the top of best seller lists across the country.  Tens of thousands of people are reading it (maybe hundreds of thousands or millions before it runs its course). It is deeply flawed on many levels, flaws which cannot be demonstrated in total or even in large part in any broadcast setting, but broadcast settings can bait hooks, expose weak points, and indeed set up the demolition of those arguments, as will happen in full now, I suspect, in Dr. Roberts’ posts on the subject..….”

The transcript of the long conversation between Christopher Hitchens and Mark Roberts is here.  The audio is here (hour 1), here (hour 2), and here (hour 3).

Thanks Hugh! May we all reason together as defenders of our faith with gentleness and respect!

Jim Richardson


One Response

  1. “Hitchens Wrong About the Census, Eyewitnesses, St. Paul, Scholarship, Gospel Truth, and Gospel Disagreements”

    Mark Roberts continues his methodical slicing and dicing of Christopher Hitchens’ god Is Not Great.

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