The Nativity Story!


One movie my family will be seeing this Christmas season will be “The Nativity Story”. It recounts the two-year period of Mary and Joseph’s life, which culminates in their leaving Nazareth and journeying 100 miles to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus.


Unfortunately this movie has received disappointing reviews from the critics……but then again, who listens to them anyway. Likewise the movie has received favorable reviews at “” under the user review section. Here’s what the Movie Mom’s Review had to say:

“Parents should know that in a low-key way this movie raises the question of whether Joseph believes Mary’s story of the virgin birth. There is discussion of persecution and murder, including murder of babies. Families who see this movie should talk about how it fits with their ideas of the story. Why is the part of the story about the three kings important? What does the star signify? Why was Jesus born in a stable? They may want to talk about their favorite Christmas carols and how those songs and hymns pay tribute to different parts of this story.”

Thanks Movie Mom! This movie can certainly be a springboard for softening hearts and sharing the good news of the Gospel with our family and friends. After all, we can’t expect “ Hollywood” to get it perfect with a movie relating to Christianity, can we! 

Blessings and Merry Christmas!!! 

Jim Richardson


5 Responses

  1. I did see this movie, Jim…and I thought it was great. I think it portrayed Joseph as a hero. Of course, he had some trepidation regarding Mary’s story. Who wouldn’t?

    But, this movie shows the humanity of these two people…and I think it is an incredibly romantic, God story…and I highly recommend it.


  2. May your knowledge and experience of the riches of God’s grace, abundantly lavished on us through the gift of His Son as our Savior and King, warm your souls and brighten your days through this holiday season. Merry Christmas! -bill

  3. i look forward to seeing this
    God bless
    Maria in the UK

  4. greetings

    I thought that the Scriptures forbid images of God?

    I know that some people look to “Christ’s Mass” but again this is not to be found anywhere in the Scriptures.

    If “Thy Word is Truth”, then may we do those things which are either bidden in the Scriptures or not commanded by the Scriptures?

    Just some things to muse over.

  5. Greetings. Just found your site and so I thought that I’d let you know.

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