The world responds to Tuesdays US election results!

The following news story posted just this morning at had a few interesting tidbits as to how the “world” views the results of Tuesdays US election results: 

The electoral rebuke for President Bush and the resignation of his defense secretary, both deeply unpopular away from American shores over the Iraq war, was celebrated throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In an extraordinary joint statement, more than 200 Socialist members of the European Parliament hailed the American election results as “the beginning of the end of a six-year nightmare for the world.” 

One opposition lawmaker, Hafiz Hussain Ahmed, said he welcomed the election result, but was hoping for more. Bush “deserves to be removed, put on trial and given a Saddam-like death sentence,” he said. 

It’s seems unclear as to how the European Parliament thinks the USA should have responded to the nightmarish attacks we sustained on 9/11. I pray Americans never forget them and those who were murdered without provocation!

Other comments were more optimistic:  The world needs a vigorous U.S.A.,” said Denmark Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen.  The problem for Arabs now is, an American withdrawal (from Iraq) could be a security disaster for the entire region,” said Mustafa Alani, an Iraqi analyst for the Gulf Research Center in Dubai. He said the Middle East could be left to cope with a disintegrating Iraq mired in civil war, with refugees fleeing a failed state that could become an incubator for terrorism. 

This is evidence that there are those, in addition to President Bush, that believe terrorism needs to be contended with and thwarted around the world. The fact that apparent mistakes have been made along the way in the war on terror should not keep us from protecting ourselves and our allies. This especially since the battle has now penetrated our borders. 

Jim Richardson  Quotes from:


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    Maria in the UK

  2. Jim, thanks for the post. Well done. I, too, commented on my site on both the election results and GWB. From the viewpoint of a Christian and also a reluctant republican.

    I have to say, though, that the rest of the world’s viewpoint about our country is really pretty irrelevent. Even fellow believers in Euro-communities have become so tolerant to sin and corruption in their midst, that they and their unbelieving countrymen’s POV on western political matters are so bereft of logic, reason and biblical comprehension, as to render their opinions worthless. The few ‘Mark Steyns’ left outside our borders also understand this, and frequently speak out to this point to a world gone deaf to reason – and also to His message. The Euro-world doesn’t even recognize their own condition. Why should we be concerned when instead of regarding their own motes they want to deride our beams?

    God bless you

  3. Thanks for your comments, they are valued!

    God bless,


  4. Q. What did Iraq have to do with the “war on terror”?
    A. Absolutely nothing.

    The Bush administration mismanaged the war on terrorism: specifically by invading Iraq, and thereby diverting resources away from the war on terror. Moreover, Bush squandered the international sympathy generated by 9/11 in the process.

    Quit defending the decision to go into Iraq. Even 29% of evangelicals have now seen the error of Bush’s ways!

    • 49er:
    Americans make a grave mistake by supposing that international opinion is irrelevant. Prudent policy makers look to build an international consensus when they take action that will have an impact beyond their borders.

    This, too, will be part of Bush’s sorry legacy — his ignorant and arrogant unilateralism.

  5. Stephen,

    Thanks for your response. 😉

    I’m a little puzzled over your antagonism to my comments as they did not specifically defend any decision to go into Iraq. I respectfully disagree that Iraq has “absolutely nothing” to do the war on terror. One reason being that it would be next to impossible to refute that Iraq continues to be a haven for terrorism. Also, remember that Saddam Hussein has since been convicted of crimes against humanity (by his own parliament) which do include terrorist acts. Now whether or not any of this is linked to 9/11 through a network of terrorism is an issue we can disagree over.

    Yes, President Bush made mistakes, but then again hindsight is always 20/20. It seems everybody thinks they could have done it better were they commander and chief themselves.

    If you wish to dig deeper, check out this blog:

    Blessings to you!

  6. No antagonism, just a strongly held opinion. After all, if I’m right, the consequences of such an error in judgement are catastrophic; and not merely for the USA, but for the Western world in general.

  7. Thanks, Jim, for your reasoned comments. To save on your nickle, I’ve moved further thoughts on these topics back to my main blog.

    God bless.

  8. Stephen says “Even 29% of evangelicals have now seen the error of Bush’s ways!” This statistic really doesn’t mean much. It seems that a lot of things and people are being lumped into the category of “evangelical” these days.

    The evangelical social movement that swept Bush into power in 2000 did so, quite simply, because it saw Bush as a man of God. We weren’t at war at that time. Personally, just after 9/11 I remember being very thankful that Gore didn’t get elected. If Gore had been elected, we probably wouldn’t be in Iraq. But, I am thankful that a person is in the White House who has an open heart toward God. No man can say whether or not is not God’s will for us to be in Iraq. One thing is for sure though, God does not consider international opinion before he performs His will.

    I pray, that when the history books are written, the war we are fighting in Iraq will prove to be worth the cost we are paying now. Let every “evangelical” pray this, instead of rushing to judge matters they have no way of fully understanding.

  9. Great thoughts CDUNN!

    I also continue to support the President and respect any man who stands by his word against opposition. I strongly believe that had we need to continue an offensive course in the battle on terrorism lest we get caught “with our pants down” again! It would be a mistake to wait for “those who seek to collapse our will” to come to us or to allow them to terrorize other nations at their malevolent will.

    However, it does concern and befuddle me how President Bush, almost immediately after the election, sought out Democrats to pursue a new course for the Iraqi war. It’s been said by some that he did not offer this suggestion sooner because he did not want to influence the election. Whether this is true or not, it does suggest that President Bush and his administration did not have an exhaustive plan for a resolution and that perhaps there was some “idleness” in regards to the management of this war on terror.


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