Windshield scrapers anonymous!


Yes, it’s that time of year again! The time of year when cold winds blow, temperatures drop and you realize how truly blessed you are if you’re home includes an attached garage. It’s quite unnerving after having followed your morning schedule precisely down to the last minute, to adjourn outside and discover that your vehicle has been enveloped overnight in a layer of seemingly thin ice!


Uh oh! Where is that windshield scraper that was tossed aside after the final freeze of last year…the trunk, right? No….there it is wedged between the seats in a knuckle scraping position below the metal seat adjuster! Almost got it….there, now begins the scrape session. What time is it anyway….am I late?


Growing up in Connecticut, I witnessed many styles of windshield scraping techniques. There were the efficient commuters who managed to remove every last square inch of frost before they began their journey. Weaving in the lanes beside them were the ones who, because they were in a hurry or had more important things to do, would carve a small circle of visibility on the front and rear windshields. During severe snow storms, these same folks would leave huge chards of snow and ice on the roofs of thier cars. As they journeyed along, woe to those driving directly behind them as these mini-icebergs would detach suddenly and leave a wake of misfortune to all who followed.


I have found that the best thing to do is like anything else in life…plan ahead. A few minutes before you’re ready to leave for the morning, simply let your engine idle with the defrost fan on and….poof….it will be clear skies and high visibility for miles to come!


If this is so obviously simple then why don’t we do it?


Jim Richardson


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