Is there a doctor in the house?

For the past several days Westwood has enjoyed the pleasure of hosting Dr. J. Kie Bowman from Austin, Texas. Wow, what a tremendous time of teaching, prayer and fellowship it has been. As hoped, many gave their life to Jesus in response to the Holy Spirit’s call motivated by Dr. Bowman’s clear teaching and personal testimonies. These were brought to life through his exuberant, compelling preaching style.

The sermonette on prayer probably hit me the hardest, helping me to realize where I fall short in my daily.…no, minute by minute communion with our Lord. Choosing not to remain “plugged in” to the eternal source of counsel, fellowship and comfort is a very poor choice indeed. This choice always proves to be a waste of valuable time which is then dependably followed by a string of poor decision making.

What was remarkable to me was Dr. Bowman’s ability to relate to the audience he is speaking to whether it be children, teens or adults. Yet he remained authentic, relevant and again, exuberant in his preaching especially when he spoke with the teens on Wednesday evening. His personal testimony was a gripping wake-up call to those trapped in or experimenting with the ungodly pleasures of worldly youthful abandon.

On Wednesday evening Dr. Bowman also spoke to the AWANA children with bellies full of pizza. There were more than a few kids who made decisions for Christ that night. This painted a beautiful picture of God using the hands of His children in bringing our children to the knowledge of Him right in Westwood’s very own front yard. No doubt there were angels singing and celebrating in heaven.

Hyde Park Baptist church is fortunate to have such a gifted pastor, evangelist and leader. Then again, Westwood is just as fortunate to have Steve Best as our pastor, evangelist and leader. He is a humble, godly man who has demonstrated an unmatched leadership that will propel Westwood forward in unity and love for one another for many years to come.

Continued blessings,

Jim Richardson


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